HMRC introduces contractual disclosure facility

HMRC intends to offer people suspected of tax fraud the opportunity to disclose details of any unpaid tax in return for immunity from prosecution and the chance to reach a civil settlement under Code of Practice 9. 

The purpose of the contract is to ensure that people disclose what is wrong with their tax affairs within a specific time frame and commit to making a full disclosure. If HMRC believes that someone is not cooperating then the contract can be cancelled and criminal proceedings initiated.

We specialise in working with advisers and their clients wishing to make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC.  We advise on:

  • the appropriate disclosure route to take;
  • how the disclosure should be made;
  • how to minimise and quantify any arrears of tax; and
  • negotiating the penalty position and reaching a civil settlement.

Please contact John Hood on 020 7182 4747 or via email on to discuss your questions on the consultation document, making a voluntary disclosure or dealing with the civil investigation of fraud.