Statutory Residency Test

On 17 June HMRC released its Consultation Document (ConDoc) on the proposed new Statutory Residency Test (SRT), which is expected to be effective from 6 April 2012.

To assist in drafting a clear test several of the old words and phrases have been clearly defined as well as introducing two new important definitions. These are:-

Arriver – Someone coming to the UK who was not resident in the UK for any of the previous 3 years

Leaver – – Someone leaving the UK who was resident in the UK for any of the previous 3 years

The new test is designed in three parts, and works sequentially so once a condition is satisfied and the status is determined then there is no need to progress any further.

It is hoped that a statutory test will give clients and their advisors more certainty when considering this, currently, uncertain area of tax law.

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