Plumber’s Tax Safe Plan deadline

Plumbers, heating engineers and gas fitters that registered for the PTSP have until 31 August 2011 to compute the tax, interest and penalty they owe and pay HMRC.

People can still make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC and minimise their tax exposure, even though the window to register for the PTSP has closed. While the same terms are not available, people who voluntarily disclose that they owe tax will pay less than people who wait for HMRC to check their tax affairs.

HMRC continues to target people in the plumbing industry and confirms it will start 600 new enquiries by the end of August 2011. If HMRC determines that there is unpaid tax, these people will face higher tax-geared penalties.

Gabelle specialises in working with accountants and their clients facing HMRC enquiries and investigations.  We can advise on the best route to take to minimise the clients' exposure and limit the overall amount payable to HMRC. Please contact John Hood on 020 7182 4747 or via email on to discuss how we can help you and your client.