Don’t forget employee ownership day on 4 July 2013!

Don’t forget employee ownership day 4 July 2013!

The changes to the Companies Act 2006 in relation to share buy backs and the introduction of a new employee shareholder status later this year underlines the Government’s commitment to support  more widespread employee share ownership.

The share buy back changes follow recommendations from Graeme Nuttall as part of his independent review of the regulatory burdens surrounding employee ownership (“EO”). As well as reducing the complexities around EO, and improving resources available, he identified a need to raise awareness of EO. As a consequence, 4 July has been designated as the first national employee ownership day with the aim of raising awareness of EO at both national and local level across the UK.

At Gabelle we are continually advising practitioners and their clients on how to design and implement effective share plans for employees and office holders, and to mark the 4 July event will be offering free 12 minute TaxDesk calls throughout the day to those wishing to discuss employee share issues. Similarly, we have made arrangements with a firm of lawyers who would also be happy to provide legal advice on share related matters on a similar basis.

We look forward to hearing from you on 4 July!