Private Client

We provide comprehensive, joined up advice on all aspects of tax relevant to private clients.

We can:

  • Give an opinion an individual’s personal tax position and how this can be improved;
  • Provide technical advice in relation to areas of uncertainty or HMRC queries; and
  • Advise on the most tax efficient way to achieve an individual’s personal objectives.

Examples of what we advise on include:


  • Ensuring non-UK income remains outside the scope of UK tax;
  • Remittance basis claims; and
  • Gaining or losing domicile in particular jurisdiction.


  • An individual’s residence status under both case law and the new statutory residence test; and
  • How residence in a particular jurisdiction can be lost or established.

Capital gains tax

  • Principal private residence relief including back garden developments and periods of absence;
  • Negligible value claims; and
  • Disposals of EIS/SEIS/VCT shares.


  • Taxation of termination payments;
  • Employee share awards;
  • Taxation of employment benefits; and
  • Employee or self-employed status and IR35.


  • Tax relief for EIS, SEIS and VCT  investments; and
  • Other tax efficient investment strategies.


  • Maximising income tax relief for pension contributions;
  • Dealing with the annual and lifetime allowance charges;
  • Options available for drawdown;
  • The tax treatment of pensions not used to purchase an annuity; and
  • The inheritance tax treatment of pensions.

Property planning

  • The benefits and tax consequences of holding property personally or through a company;
  • Minimising the tax on transfers of property and SDLT;
  • Taxation of non-resident landlords; and
  • Principal private residence relief including back garden developments and periods of absence.

Divorce / matrimonial

  • Transfers of business assets;
  • Capital gains tax planning; and
  • The impact on wills and IHT issues.

Self-assessment and other compliance issues

  • Tax issues involving self-assessment and the making of tax claims.

Trust and estates

  • Comprehensive estate planning strategies, including the analysis of cross-border succession and taxation issues;
  • Availability of business property relief and other IHT reliefs;
  • The ongoing tax affairs of trusts and the tax consequences of possible variations or terminations of trusts; and
  • We can also arrange for new wills, trusts and powers of attorney to be established.

For more information on our Private Client services, please phone our TaxDesk on 0845 4900 509 or email