Entrepreneurs and Corporates

The taxes affecting entrepreneurs and corporates are wide ranging and no two businesses are the same. Our consultants have backgrounds cutting across a range of disciplines and a wealth of experience in advising businesses and their owners both on ongoing tax issues and one off planning.

Our services include:

  • Innovative and practical tax advice and solutions on a wide range of business issues;
  • Clear and comprehensive transaction steps plans which can be used by the business, lawyers and other professional advisers to implement a transaction;
  • Obtaining statutory and  non-statutory clearances from HMRC giving certainty of tax treatment;
  • Preparing company and share valuations for a wide range of tax purposes and agreeing these with HMRC; and
  • Advising on the impact of the GAAR on transactions.

Examples of what we can advise on includes:

Company taxation

  • Research and development enhanced corporation tax relief including how to maximise an R&D claim and avoid the common pitfalls;
  • The patent box;
  • EIS and SEIS share issues;
  • Liquidations;
  • Film tax credits; and
  • Group structures.

Partnership structures

  • Tax issues affecting corporate partners;
  • Loss restrictions;
  • The use of family partnerships; and
  • How to steer clear of specific anti-avoidance legislation.

Company reconstructions and reorganisations

  • Demergers – statutory, liquidation and capital reduction;
  • Management Buyouts (MBOs);
  • Incorporation and disincorporation;
  • Transfer of share ownership including the repurchase of shares by a company;
  • Obtaining and maximising entrepreneurs’ relief and the substantial shareholding exemption; and
  • Minimising stamp tax.

Employee share schemes

  • Designing and implementing EMI schemes; and
  • Advising on tax issues on the award of shares to employees, including the use of partly paid and growth shares.

Employee expenses and benefits

  • Cost reduction initiatives using salary sacrifice arrangements;
  • Designing and drafting tax efficient expenses and benefits policies; and
  • PSA and P11D dispensations.

Property planning

  • The benefits and tax consequences of holding property personally or through a company;
  • Minimising the tax on transfers of property and SDLT;
  • Factors affecting entrepreneurs’ relief; and
  • Property trading versus investment status.

For more information on our Entrepreneurs and Corporates services, please phone our TaxDesk on 0845 4900 509 or email taxdesk@gabelletax.com.